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Number of employees Contents How To Split Your Sales Navigator Searches? How To Split Account Searches? 100 pages of 25 results.  get access to the first 2500 results. Linkin sales navigator search limit searches are bigger would like to access all the leads in the list. So how to do that? That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this Sales Navigator tutorial. Your Sales Navigator searches into several chunks. How To Split Your Sales Navigator Searches. Once install, it will add a new button “Export with Evaboot” on . export linkin sales navigator lead lists Here is a demo of the tool so you clearly see how it works.

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CSV 1 filters  split your : these 3 and not seo expate bd Company. Headcount because that will delete leads from your search. Dont use company head count filters   to their profiles (grey logos) will be exclud from the search  leads.  Search Here I built a first chunk of 1000 leads selecting seniority level filters.level 2. into a spreadsheet  copy the URL of it into a Google spreadsheets.  search to this search to continue splitting it so you must save the chunks somewhere. save url chunkl sales navigator.

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All the search filters you us. how to exclude filter BT Lists  sales navigator from the search all the leads present in the first chunk.  filters 4. Repeat the process Now you simply ne to repeat the process using the filters at your disposal. function filter chunk Here I made a 2nd chunk using the Function filters. Copi this URL  last step spliting sales navigator Then I exclud the Function filters I us and add a Seniority Level filters to get a new chunk of 2K. 5. Export your list to CSV  of all your searches into your spreadsheets, it’s time to export your leads into a CSV file. r searches For that you can use the Evaboot Chrome extension.

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