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This was infinitely more  Thanks to her research on polymers while windshield wipers were invent by Mary Anderson in . Margaret Hamilton was the MIT programmer who l the team of scientists who develop the onboard software for the Apollo Program. In Alva Fisher built the first prototype electric washing machine . The electric circular saw was patent by Tabitha Babbitt in and the first solar house in by researcher Maria Telkes and architect Eleanor Raymond.

The study and creativity

 Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelance, who seo expate bd invent the language with which to set the machine’s functions, was fundamental for the functioning of the first computer prototype in . The mical syringe was patent in by Letitia Geer while Grace Murray Hooper invent the first writing software and was the first to use the term “bug” to indicate an error in writing software. The actress Hy Lamarr instead invent what we now call Wi-Fi. Hy Lamarr, stage name of Hwig Kiesler, was born in Vienna in and in , in the midst of the Second.

World War she arriv in

The Unit States where she became BT Lists famou s as an actress working with the most important Hollywood directors, alongside the most celebrat actors of the his time like Clark Gable, Judy Garland and Spencer Tracy. Only after was she recogniz as an inventor. Hy Lamarr studi engineering in Vienna and was eager to contribute to the fight against Nazism. With other Hollywood stars she contribut to the sale of American feral government bonds that subsidiz the war against Nazism, but above all she develop, together with the musical composer George Antheil, a remote guidance system for torpoes. “ My pupils seem to burst, but I couldn’t look away. In front of me was undoubtly the most beautiful woman on earth. Most screen divas don’t look that beautiful when you see them in the flesh.

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