Why Use AppSheet?

  • if you are a company that wants to train your employees to maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve the productivity of your company: if you work for a company and you want to implement new technologies to digitize and automate your tasks and be more efficient in your work, AppSheet can help you in many processes .
  • To generate an MVP (Minimum Viable Product): if you need a tool to manage your business and you want to test an approximate idea before investing heavily in creating a custom tool, AppSheet allows you to MVP to confirm this. And you might just stay with AppSheet, who knows?
  • To start a business: if you want to start a business and generate income by creating and selling applications that you have created for other businesses.
  • To manage your business digitally: if you already have a business and you want to create your own tools to manage it in the best way, without costing you too much.
  • To work in a team: if you manage a team and want to create a collaborative environment that can be used both on mobile and PC, AppSheet will definitely be your tool.
  • if you are a student and you want to be an expert on the latest generation tools, start with the most relevante market.
  • Improve employability: if you are unemployed and want to improve your employability by using tools that are useful in various business sectors. AppSheet can tip the balance in an interview.

To increase your curriculum and knowledge:

Let’s consider a simple example, a real estate agency that wants to telephone list fill out forms where they collect data about the properties they are going to market and details about their clients. In the past, this was done with pen and paper.

Then the filled forms were brought to the office, and in the best case, another person was responsible for entering these reports into a database or Excel.

Creating an App in AppSheet with a form for customers and another for properties and downloading it to your mobile so that each salesperson only needs to fill in the fields would take less than an hour and the benefits are amazing .

The seller would fill in the data from their mobile phone, they would have the choice to fill in the fields themselves or with drop-down lists, which would greatly speed up the seller’s work, and once the data collection ready, to synchronize this record so that in less than 10 seconds all the employees could access the information collected by the seller both on a mobile phone and with a computer and it would be completely digitized. An AppSheet in this simple case would have the following:

Empower your employees: 

Phone Number List
  • Manage employee registrations
  • Get a dashboard that allows me to see all the information about my company on the same screen
  • Measure all sales, and actions taken by the company
  • Associate each employee with the tasks performed
  • Create a career system so that each person can see specific information according to their position in the company.
  • Keep a quantitative record
  • Have a CRM to manage all customer interactions.
  • Create reports
  • Email automation

In this case, the creation of the AppSheet application could take a few weeks. Much less than BT Lists the time it would take an outside company and for a cost that would be a minuscule fraction of the traditional process.

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