Why opponents of the new schedule

Most of the employees support the boss, but even those few people who want to be outrag after seeing the reaction of their colleagues approv of the inconvenient schule. out against it? Or perhaps they have inde chang their position drastically? The explanation is given by the theory of the spiral of silence”. Who came up with the theory of spiral of silence The concept of the spiral of silence was first propos by by the famous German sociologist Elisabeth Noel-Neumann in the s- s of the last century.

The poll has shift in favor of

In the feral elections to the German parliament the two Japan Phone Number List main parties – the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the opposition Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) – ran level for several months. Each had every chance of winning. However, in the last few weeks of the campaign, the situation has chang dramatically  CDU. The share of their adherents rose to almost %, while the percentage of those who were going to vote for the SPD fell to %. Noel-Neumann suspect that the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Germany in May , during which she was accompani by CDU German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, influenc this change.

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The opposing party was more popular

Perhaps this is what caus optimism among CDU BT Lists supporters and prompt them to publicly declare their political beliefs, distribute party symbols, and speak more in the mia. Meanwhile, the SPD supporters could mistakenly conclude that and their party would win. The Social Democrats were discourag from publicly expressing their views, and this also reinforc the impression that the CDU was more active, popular, lov by the people and had a better chance of winning. In terms of the number of adherents, both parties may be equal, but they are far from being the same.

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