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It turns out that everything is fine with him. And in one study with a standardiz sniff stick assessment, 38% of people mistakenly thought they had parosmia.” Parosmia has become such a serious and widespread problem that society and business will obviously have to adapt to it. What odors does parosmia distort and for distorting odors: flowers smell like fish, chicken smells like hydrogen sulfide, eggs smell like a three-day-old trash can. Also, with parosmia, it may seem to a person that there is a smell, but in fact it is not. Another rather curious phenomenon: the aroma, which previously seem neutral or pleasant.

We know that all these products contain

Does not change but becomes nauseating or something Slovenia Phone Number List begins to be add to it that the person is not able to identify. The most common complaints are that chicken, eggs, onions and garlic have become unbearable. “Regarding onions, garlic and eggs, some sulfur, and this is the characteristic unpleasant smell. For all of us, the smell of rotten eggs is the most disgusting in the world (and this is hydrogen sulfide), and it is better not to stand next to a person who has eaten onions and garlic for the next few hours (and this is also due to hydrogen sulfide.

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Such subtle transitions are explain by changes

Which is form after the transformations of the molecules BT Lists of these products in the stomach and oral cavity),” suggests Kiselev. However, this is just guesswork, because in the case of smell, we are talking about millions of different molecules that can interact in the nasal cavity. And the question of why specific products begin to “deceive” our sense of smell with parosmia is more likely from the field of organic chemistry. In receptors in the nasal cavity and neurons in the brain. It is possible that the distort perception of smells is associat with incorrect regeneration of olfactory receptors.

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