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That are min on our planet are the remains of asteroids that hit Earth during meteorite bombardment after the crust cool. It is believ that some of these celestial bodies contain more precious metals than the entire earth’s crust and gravity, a significant part of the heavy metals sank to the core, and on most asteroids, of the Earth, the metals are distribut more or less evenly. Towards the study of asteroids Humanity is still at the beginning of this path: we are still getting acquaint with the potential that is hidden in space. The first contact with the asteroid was in.

Due to the large mass of our planet

Then the Galileo apparatus pass close to one of these Slovenia Phone Number List celestial bodies. The first company to explore the possibilities of mining resources in space was Planetary Resources , found in Washington in 2009. Then other startups appear: for example, Deep Space Industries . But almost all projects were clos due to lack of funding. In 2010, the first sample of soil from an asteroid was deliver to Earth. This was done by the Japanese apparatus “Hayabusa”. It turn out that most of the material from the surface of the asteroid Itokawa consists of the mineral olivine.

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The starting point in the industrial development

The second device “Hayabusa-2” in 2020 brought to BT Lists Earth a sample from the asteroid Ryugu. They found particles of olivine and spinel. of asteroids can be call 2015: it was then that, first in the Unit States, then in Luxembourg, the UAE, Japan and a number of countries, a law was pass allowing companies to mine minerals on celestial bodies, at the same time a number of startups were register. In 2023, another important mission starts – NASA plans to send a space probe to Psyche. The device will reach the asteroid in 2030. Psyche is of the greatest interest to scientists. This asteroid differs from its neighbors in the belt.

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