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How high-quality alternative to foreign solutions are the products of domestic vendors? — New solutions often lack functionality at first. Perhaps, to replace the functionality of one foreign solution, today it will be necessary to use several domestic ones. The second problem is the unpreparedness of some Russian developments for industrial loads. This is due to the fact that our vendors did not previously have access to the infrastructure of large customers and did not set out to adapt their solutions to high loads. Today, developers are radically changing their approach to the concept and architecture of their products.

The more players on the market

Receive feedback from anchor customers and, in accordance Belarus Phone Number List with current requests, very quickly refine their solutions. In any case, the higher the competition. For example, in Israel, the homeland of many IT startups, there are an order of magnitude more cybersecurity solutions than we have, but no one talks about their low quality.  including young companies. Large customers adopt them, although they have experience in operating advanced software. There are areas in which Russia is lagging behind. From this point of view, 2023 will be especially interesting for a narrow niche of new generation firewalls NGF.

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We already have competitive solutions

Network elements that filter traffic in accordance BT Lists with specified security rules and have a number of additional features. – RBC Trends ) . Large customers traditionally spend a lot of money on such solutions, as this is an important element of the IT infrastructure. I think in this niche we will soon see at least a dozen vendors  – Is it fair to say that in some areas of information security in Russia today there are no alternative solutions of their own or they are uncompetitive? — The information security market is very large and diverse. Of course, our developers have their own strengths (antiviruses, DLP systems.

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