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Inadequately reacts to new circumstances, even if they are pleasant. For example, a person cannot forget for a long time how he was rude in the subway, analyzes his behavior and thinks out how to answer the offender correctly. By American scientists, there are two key groups of factors due to which psychological rigidity develops: Neuroticism, avoidance and rejection of emotions, disturbances in goal-direct behavior, difficulty with impulse control and with emotional control during the experience of negative emotions. Lack of emotional awareness and clarity in sensations when a person experiences negative emotions.

How rigidity develops According to a study

However there is no single reason for the appearance Macedonia Phone Number List of psychological rigidity. Maria Danina: “The flexibility and adaptability of thinking is influenc by: Herity. Features of the environment – for example, severe stress and emotional trauma. Parenting style. Rigidity develops when parents overly control and shame the child, make excessive demands on him. Aging. Older people often become conservative in tastes and habits. Some studies show that men are more rigid than women.” How rigidity affects people The effect of rigidity reflects the Lachins effect. During an experiment in 1942, a psychologist prov that experience has a negative effect on the search for new solutions.

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The second group of students

The first group of students were ask to get 100 quarts of water (about 95 liters) using jars of different sizes. The task was solv in several stages, in a BT Lists omplex way with pouring from one jar to another. Then Abraham Luchins gave a similar problem that was done in two simple steps, but 81% of the students did it in the same difficult way. Solv it in the most obvious way. The experiment shows that the rigidity of thinking was suppos to alleviate the problem: students perform a new task in a familiar way. But in fact, the psychological quality “block” a more effective and obvious way.

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