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These points they accumulate, including in the tumor itself. The uniqueness of our developments is that they are non-invasive and can be us in a hospital for the treatment, in particular, of brain tumors. We are the only ones  arena, so they are of great interest from well-known scientific foundations in Russia, China and America. For non-invasive drug delivery to the brain.” The projects of the “Smart Sleep” laboratory serv as the basis for one of the strategic projects of the SSU Development Program, won by the university within the “Priority 2030.

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So in the coming years, Saratov researchers have something Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List to do. Priority areas of work in 2022: “Drug delivery to the brain and treatment of glioma with loud music”, “New era in tissue transplantation: test-tube gabion scaffolds for the treatment of spinal cord injuries”, “Lymph window to the brain: new methods of delivery micines”, “Night therapy for Alzheimer’s disease”, “Pioneer non-invasive phototechnology for the treatment of glioma”. A group of American physicists were bor during the pandemic, so they decid to experiment with a sci-fi idea of ??a human colony on an asteroid. According to their calculations, it can become a reality.

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What is an O’Neill cylinder One of the most popular types of BT Lists space settlement in science fiction is a rotating mass an imitation of gravity for its inhabitants. Due to this, people can freely exist in space, grow food and create an atmosphere. Such a moving metropolis is call an ” O’Neill cylinder ” after physicist Gerard O’Neill, who design it for NASA in the 1970s. Since its inception, the cylinder has become one of the most common space city ideas, appearing in numerous futuristic works. Figures of the new space age also show interest in it. For example, Jeff Bezos spoke about the potential prospects for.

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