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Materialism and commercialism. For people for whom gifts are the main way to express love, not so much things are important as a sign of attention. gifts and carefully select them. These are the same people  has notic some thing, are already looking for it in online stores. However, if they receive a formal casual gift, they will feel upset. The worst thing a partner of such a person can do is forget about his birthday or consider a gift, for example, by February 14, as an unnecessary waste of money.

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What is the language of love The languages ??of love Paraguay Phone Number List list by Chapman are noticeably different from each other, and a mismatch can really lead to misunderstanding between partners: after all, if one is waiting for flowers and compliments, and for the other, love is wash dishes and discussing the latest news, then both will be unhappy. However, the author of the concept does not give a clear answer to the question of what exactly influences the formation of a certain love language, he argues that many factors influence the love language.

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From the parental family to the experienceast relationships. Svetlana Mardoyan: “The environment in which a child grows up is of great importance BT Lists in shapingthe way of expressing feelings for another person. If in the family love was manifest in the form of affectionate words, gentle touches, respect, then the child adopts this form of communication imperceptibly. In the future, in his relationship, he automatically uses the same model, most likely the child will learn this form. However, a person can move away from the model that he carries from the family if he is aware of it, considers it inappropriate and will listen to what is important for himself and his partner.

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