Who can cover market demands

An internship that lasts 4-6 months is already. A full-flg experience in a cross-functional team, on a real project under the guidance of a team leader. And on the other hand, it is here that the greatest shortage among juniors is now felt. Because there are few internships, they are mainly done by large businesses: Yandex, VK or Kaspersky. And that are not ready to invest in paid internships and raise their own specialists, while they also ne strong juniors. Junes from universities vs Junes from Tech An analysis of 140 thousand IT vacancies show that about 48% of them require higher ucation, the type of ucation is not important.

There are many other companies on the market

At the same time, there is an opinion in the industry Netherlands Phone Numbers List that business seeks to hire only graduates of specializ technical universities, for example, ITMO, MSTU, MIPT, Moscow State University, which provide a quality ucation. However, the number of universities preferr for hiring, strong faculties, individual departments is limit. In addition, not all companies can afford to take graduates with only top ucation, as they are usually expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the funnel. This can be done at the expense of lower rank universities. Also, graduates of Tech companies who have specializ programs and can also compensate for the lack of young specialists. There is a fundamental difference to be understood.

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One cannot say that something is better

Classical ucation among other things, develops important BT Lists basic, fundamental skills: the ability to learn, to process a large amount of information. Tech, on the other hand, is more engag in appli ucation, practice-orient. Therefore and something is worse, ideally one should follow the other. Complex appli things seem simple to people with a good basic ucation. And we are talking not only about technical disciplines, but also about the humanities, which help students build their own picture.

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