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Evaporation hypothesis Estonian astronomer Ernst Julius Öpik put forward another curious theory of the origin of the moon. In 1995, he suggest that the early Earth at that time was surround by rings of trapp rock fragments [ 21 ]. Due to the constant impacts of these fragments, it was very hot – up to about 2000 ° C, and the process of evaporation of matter from the surface of the Earth took place. The light elements of the evaporat matter were carri away by the solar wind with stone fragments in near-Earth space and form a proto-moon. This happen at a late stage of the formation of the Earth.

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When the iron core of the Earth had already been form Belgium Phone Number List and evaporation occurr from the mantle layer, in which there was much less iron. T has a very small iron-nickel core compar to the Earth. 7. Artificial appearance of the moon This non-traditional idea, far from science, was allegly put forward in the 1960s by scientists from the USSR Academy of Sciences Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov. They argu that the Moon is an artificial object creat not by the will of nature. Today it is known that there were no such scientists at the Academy of Sciences at that time.

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The Moon is supposly hollow inside

In 1968 an article was publish in Komsomolskaya BT Lists Pravda with the title “Is the Moon an artificial satellite?”, but its authors were not academics, but journalists. Subsequently, this article was translat into English and distribut abroad. Such exotic theories have exist in the West since the Apollo 12 flight to the Moon in 1969 [ 23 ]. The belief that is also connect with the ideas “The moon is an alien spaceship”. Now both concepts – an artificial moon and a hollow moon – are recogniz as unscientific.

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