While the demand for junior developers

Their robots to Russian platforms. Today, there are more than 10 domestic solutions on the market, for example, PIX, Primo RPA, Sherpa RPA, ROOMYbots, Lexema-RPA, Robin RPA. If for a programmer the principles of constructing algorithms and good mathematical knowlge are almost always necessary, then an RPA Therefore, this is one of the easiest ways to start a career in IT with a liberal ucation. However, if the demand for testers is high and is unlikely to decrease in the near future, then the situation with RPA developers is ambiguous: experienc specialists remain in demand and highly paid has fallen. The reason is that the Russian RPA market froze for a while.

Developer can do without them at the initial stage

There are active projects to transfer robots from foreign Sweden Phone Numbers List platforms to domestic ones. However, most integrators and customers form teams for this purpose as early as 2022. Companies are not yet launching  processes, hiring has stopp. On the website, you can find about 120 vacancies and 2000 resumes by searching for “RPA-developer” . Not all job seekers are actively looking for a job, but the gap between supply and demand is quite high anyway. Salary is also an indicator of demand. Over the past 3-4 years, it has fallen by 2 times.

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New projects for the robotization of business

Now the average salary of a novice RPA developer or a BT Lists specialist with little experience is ?70 thousand per month. For example, a third of vacancies on offer income in the range of ?55 to 90 thousand. Employers are willing to pay salaries over ?150 thousand to experienc developers and architects of a wide profile, for whom RPA is one of the areas of work. On the other hand, a person without programming experience will ne 1.5–2 years to master the profession of an RPA developer, sometimes more. By that time, the situation on the market may change dramatically. In addition, RPA is a good “entry point” in IT.

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