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Which was conceptualiz back in the 1990s by Max Mohr, the founding father of modern transhumanism. “He came up with this idea when he conclud that personal identity can be ruc to a computer program that starts with a unique set of inputs. That is, to another, which, by the way, is not so different from the definition of personality as “continuity of consciousness”, ”says Fuller. Max More himself notes that in the modern world there are already many ways in which we could become different than we are now. For example, already now we can easily change our citizenship, gender or even race – all the obstacles here are purely political, not technical.

We could effectively migrat  from one identity

The idea of morphological freom] itself was at first a Poland Phone Number List metaphysical doctrine. But lately it has taken on a political dimension, profoundly influencing how we think about freom in a world where there will be more and more ways to exist in so many different ways, both simultaneously and simultaneously (simultaneously and successively),” notes Steve Fuller. Here we can recall how, in 2016, Californian journalist Zoltan Istvan ran for President of the Unit States from his self-proclaim Transhumanist Party, bas on the idea that everyone has the right to be.

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We are witnessing the beginning of a whole

Who they want to be In fact, morphological freom BT Lists was for the journalist the cornerstone of his “Transhumanist Bill of Rights” (Transhumanist Bill of Rights). And although Istvan prictably fail to win the elections, the very idea of ??morphological freom is getting more and more supporters, the British philosopher is sure. “For example, today  industry of “digital afterlife”. By accumulating text, audio and video files, people are preparing their digital heritage so that, bas on an algorithm with the ability to “deep learning”, they will live indefinitely in cyberspace after death In principle.

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