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We are talking about the first scientific revolution that launch the process of secularization. And about the growth of cities, which l to the fall of feudalism and prepar the emergence of the modern bureaucratic state. And about the first steps in the field of creating an increasingly sophisticat technological environment and capabilities of man. All this fill human labor with new meanings,  into a great calling. Capitalism not only rehabilitat labor as a way of existence of homo faber (a pre-bourgeois slave, craftsman, merchant and farmer), but tri to extend the logic of vita activa (that is, active life.

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RBC Trends) to all other spheres of human life, to subdue Ecuador Phone Number List the beautiful and disadvantageous” ( bonum ) useful and necessary” ( utile ),” writes researcher Igor Dzhokhadze in this regard. It is not for nothing that the search for total usefulness has become so comprehensive that even creative work and lofty leisure (in the ancient sense) have turn into something frivolous” – into gaming fun, which, if allow, is only for recreational purposes. of society as a whole, the play” of the artist performs the same function as playing tennis or wasting time on a hobby in the life of an individual,” concludes the philosopher Hannah Arendt.

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Within the working life process

Probably the most profound transformations that the New Age and the spread of the capitalist economy brought with them touch on how a person began to BT Lists relate to time. The English historian ward Thompson in Time, Work-discipline and Industrial Capitalism describes how, along with the appearance of clock towers in European cities, whose construction, as a rule, was initiat and paid for by local merchant guilds, there arose mechanically calculat time, so familiar to us. This is time that costs money, because it is subordinat to economic utility, and which is always not enough.

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