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Among other things is part of the process associat with a change in the technological order. This process began before 2022, entrepreneurs were changing business models simply because they were outdat. The pandemic was the first push to accelerate this process, and in 2022, the second. Many foreign companies suspend their activities, and there were opportunities to fill the vacant market niches. A feature of this situation for entrepreneurs is that it is difficult to quickly occupy a niche: you ne to have competencies, personnel, capital in order to grow quickly. It’s not easy and quite risky. For many, access to familiar infrastructure.

There are large industrial centers

Technology and resources has become more difficult. Business lives in a global system of division of labor and it is quite costly to rebuild chains. Most likely, regional Uganda Phone Number List differentiation will be observ in the country in the near future . On are ti, and their fate will change along with the development of these centers. The competition for the talent market is very high among small and mium-siz businesses . SMEs do not have the resources to attract personnel that large businesses have. Here we are in a situation where it is easier to sell a new product and win the competition for a new market than it is to win the competition for an employee.

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In this regard it is worth talking not about the extent to BT Lists which the population is involv in SMEs, but about how interesting and promising it is for talent employees to work in small companies. It is in the talent market that SMEs ne to build strategies and win. This is part of an entrepreneurial strategy. At the same time, in conditions of turbulence, entrepreneurship, new businesses and micro-companies will appear. Solving a wide variety of issues is part of entrepreneurial work. You don’t just deal with supply disruptions, logistical problems, and the inability to make international transfers. You are rebuilding the business.

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