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Candidate of Technical Sciences, has develop a technology for manufacturing such implants and applying composite coatings bas on fluorocarbon plastics with piezoelectric properties on them. The latter are close in their composition and physical characteristics to real bone tissue, which allows them to be us to treat children’s orthopic diseases caus by heritary pathologies. Evgeny Bolbasov, Researcher, TPU Laboratory of Plasma Hybrid Systems: bone marrow stem cells, which are able to divide into different types of cells, to “retrain” into bone material. As a result, new bone tissue begins to grow intensively around the implant. Upon successful completion of the regeneration process, the spoke is remov.

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Implants with various bioactive coatings have been List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu introduc into mical practice. Employees of the famous Ilizarov Orthopics Center (Kurgan), deformities, have treat more than 300 patients. Innovative mical products develop by Tomsk scientists help to ruce the lengthening of limbs by almost half. Another successful application of the development is veterinary micine, and more specifically, the restoration of limbs in animals. Depot for molecules Another line of work in the field of coating modification is the synthesis of titanium dioxide nanotubes on the surface of titanium implants. It is conduct by scientists from the Research School of Chemical and Biomical.

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Technologies of the Tomsk Polytechnic University BT Lists together with colleagues from Germany and the USA. Nanotubes are coat with calcium phosphate coatings that are identical in their chemical composition to human bone. Roman Surmenev, Director of the Research Center “Physical Materials Science and Composite Materials” TPU: “Due to the high values ?? of “depot” for loading various bioactive substances and molecules, which can significantly increase the bioactivity of the implant surface. Thus, they improve the survival rate of bone implants. In addition, micinal substances load into nanotubes will enter the patient’s body.

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