Which sites do Russians prefer to order

Searching for a contractor this reason was. Nam among the main ones by 37% of customers. Digitization happens simply because it gives customers add value. Do you remember what the taxi market was like 10-15 years ago? You hold out your hand, and and whether it will arrive at all. What the price of the trip will be. And now you press two buttons and know exactly all the details of the route and even the driver’s rating. At the same time, the development of online platforms also allows specialists to develop their business. Find new clients and manage their time most efficiently. First of all, those categories that lend themselves to standardization.

It is not known which car will arrive

On Avito the number of offers from specialists over the Spain Phone Numbers List past year has grown by 21% – for some, the platform makes it possible to find clients in order to usefully spend a couple of hours free from the road to the office, and for others of income and even grow their own business. The service sector is still one of the “cheapest” in terms of the entry threshold. We in Russia already receive an incribly large number of services online – banks with convenient applications, online insurance, “Government Services”, appointments with doctors and payment of fines. Digitalization is going on in all spheres and areas of services and will continue to grow.

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What you ne from the platform — On services? — Our BT Lists service search platform is us by 57% of the country’s Internet audience. The remaining shares are distribut among social networks, other online services with ads, specializ sites and forums for finding performers within a particular market, for example, Chinese language tutors, although such a service can also be found within our platform, as we say, if you didn’t find something on Avito, you most likely won’t find.

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