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Part-time work and self-employment will definitely develop. But they are unlikely to crowd out permanent employment: the market will balance at some point Askona Group of Companies (part of Askona Life Group), a well-known manufacturer of products for healthy sleep and a participant in the RBC 500 rating, has launch a subscription to mattresses of its own production About the expert: Roman Ershov, President of Askona Life Group. He holds an Executive MBA degree and graduat from the Startup Academy of the Skolkovo Business School. Ranks 4th in the TOP-250 rating of Russian managers in the Consumer Goods Production category in 2020.

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Askona Life Group is a diversifi holding headquarter in Dobrograd, Vladimir Region. It includes the Askona group of companies (furniture and sleep List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers products), the First Clinical Mical Center and the whole city of Dobrograd. Askona Group of Companies is the largest manufacturer and retailer of healthy sleep products in Russia and Eastern Europe. At the end of 2020, the group’s revenue exce ?30 billion. Tasks Create a fundamentally new product for the market. Help consumers maintain the hygiene and quality of the b. Maintain the competitiveness of the company. Background and motivation According to Ascona experts, Russians change mattresses on average once every 17 years pillows.

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Which can cause allergies

Once every three years. The situation is gradually improving: in the early 2000s, mattresses were replac every 35 years. This indicates an increase in the level of conscious consumption and an understanding of the importance of healthy sleep, the company BT Lists believes. Here, attention is also drawn to the results of research by the Erisman Feral Scientific Center for Hygiene. They indicate that house dust is a habitat for bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes, And long-term use of mattresses and pillows, even with proper care, leads to the appearance of microorganisms. According to the President of Askona Life Group Roman Ershov, developing a new product with these factors in mind.

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