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Confirmation of the existence of parallel worlds. Proponents of this theory believe that the phenomenon occurs because a person simultaneously experiences the same event in two parallel universes. At this moment, the worlds intersect and. Deja vu is a glitch in the matrix. The theory is inspir by the Hollywood sci-fi movie The Matrix, in  and the world is controll by machines with artificial intelligence. Deja vu is a manifestation of clairvoyant abilities. Some parapsychologists think so. According to the theory, familiar sensations appear because a person has already seen a similar situation, but only in a dream.

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A thus knows his future. How Science Explains Deja El Salvador Phone Number List Vu Modern studies of the phenomenon of deja vu are divid into observational and experimental. In observant ones, they determine the features of experiencing deja vu (who has it, how often and when it happens) and look for patterns in the results. In experimental experiments, scientists try to induce déjà vu experiences in people. We have identifi several popular theories of the occurrence of the phenomenon, which are bas on scientific research. Memory Phenomenon Cognitive psychologist Ann Cleary of the University of Colorado, along with colleagues.

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Tri to create a deja vu effect through virtual reality using the game The Sims. First, the participants were shown a video where the hero moves around the backyard of the house – they look at what was happening through the eyes of the hero. And then BT Lists another video with movement in a setting that was very similar to the previous one. At the same time,  the area and whether they knew where the hero would go next. Some participants experienc deja vu, but not everyone was able to guess the direction of the hero’s movement. As a result, scientists suggest that deja vu is a memory phenomenon. People get into a situation that looks like a real memory, but they cannot reproduce it.

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