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To paraphrase a well-known rule – 20% of the cost of information security gives us a guarantee of protection against 80% of cyber threats. These 20% of the costs mainly include digital hygiene and employee discipline,. The rest of the threats are clos with the help of well-implement modern information security facilities (information security tools. – RBC Trends ) and the competencies of professional units. This rule was valid until 2022. – Which industries turn out to be the most protect, and which – the most attack? – Those who already have experience in protecting their resources turn out to be the most protect.

The most attractive targets for attackers

The most attack obviously, were  in terms of data value Spain Phone Numbers List as well as businesses that are growing at a faster pace, such as e-commerce. Companies whose activities are bas on online platforms are more attractive for attacks. As according to forecasts, the solar energy sector in the country alone will grow about twice as fast as in Germany. In 2020, Scotland receiv 97% of its electricity from renewable sources. With the help of the produc “green” energy, it was possible to meet the electrical nes of more than 7 million households. perating in the cities of Makhachkala, Kizlyar, Izberbash and other settlements of.

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The new Facebook servers as well

Scotland plans to become carbon neutral by 2030. The same year was chosen as the time for the complete abandonment of traditional energy for Austria BT Lists and Saudi Arabia plann to receive 50% of its electricity from RES by 2030. So as General Motors, will receive energy from a solar power plant. It is being built in Kentucky as part of the large-scale Green Invest program. IKEA aims to produce more electricity from renewable sources than it consumes by 2030. There are 920,000 solar panels in stores in 14 countries, as well as more than 530 wind turbines. Ingka, the parent company of IKEA, invest about $2.8 billion in various renewable.

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