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After suffering a personal tragy, he became interest in esotericism as a social phenomenon, and for more than two years he was engag in the study of the industry of the “unknown”. During this time, he spoke with several dozen miums and clairvoyants, as well as their clients. In the book, he tells how “communication with spirits” takes place, standards, and how to explain the phenomenon of involving astrologers and psychics in decision-  in his book concerns the mystery of why logic, rationality and scientific knowlge have not been able to rid the world of superstition and attempts to find support in the location of stars.

The very first question that the author raises

Numbers at birth or other magical methods. The end of an Ivory Coast Phone Number List era of common sense Criticism of mystics and psychics in the language of logic and critical thinking really does not reach the goal, however, it must be taken into account that the era of common sense as a fulcrum, according to some thinkers, is coming to an end. Recently, the concept of secondary orality, or the so-call Gutenberg bracket, has become widespread –  between the invention of printing and the spread of the Internet, when the print word was of great, even dominant importance. With the advent of the internet age.

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The five-hundr-year period

We have return to the preprint oral tradition of the “town square”, in which gossip and news are pass from person to person directly, without BT Lists being subject to authenticity and common sense checks. As a result, everyone determines for himself what is truth, and the boundaries of what is acceptable in the world of the “unknown”. Especially in situations Experiencing loss One of the frequent reasons for turning to fortune-tellers and psychics is an attempt to connect with a depart lov one. After a tragy, life can seem meaningless. The author of the well-known concept of the five stages of accepting the inevitable denial.

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