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Especially in the manufacturing industry. According to Baidu researchers, Web 3.0 technologies can create a new multi-centric. More open and fair web space. Virtual simulation and AI technologies will enable. The creation of more accurate and intelligent digital twins in shopping, manufacturing, leisure and other areas. for creating content in the field of graphics and other mia. Trend 4: autonomous vehicles Autonomous transport will receive new opportunities, which will lead to progress in this area. As autonomous vehicles move from highways to cities, the complexity of perception and decision making increases.

Neural networks offer a new model

Further improvement in technology is ne, so in the future UAE Phone Number List the development of autonomous cars will be determin by the demand for more modern technologies, such as V2X (vehicle-to-everything – transport for everything), V2G (vehicle-to-grid – [energy] from transport to the network) and V2 °C (vehicle-to-cloud – from transport to the cloud), as well as the integration of new technologies such as 5G and ge Computing. The latter is translat into Russian as “border computing”. It is a data processing method in which computations are perform on devices at the ge of the network rather than in a large data center or cloud.

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The situation on the roads

This spes up processing and ruces latency because data BT Lists does not ne to be sent to and from a remote location for processing. Simply put, it’s a way to bring the power of the cloud closer to where you get your data. Such a mini-data center can also be autonomous cars, which are equipp with powerful computers to assess. Trend 5: Robotics The adoption of industrial robotics is accelerating, solving the problem of labor shortage. Countries around the world are facing an aging society and the ongoing effects of a global pandemic, and many industries will face long-term employee shortages in the future. Many countries are actively developing automation technologies as a possible solution to the problem.

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