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Secondly you really have to study a lot. Combining ucation with work in another specialty is extremely difficult, motivation is quickly lost. There is a chance if the new area is perceiv as a hobby – like it and arouse sincere interest. How and on real projects. But that opportunity rarely comes along. Therefore, there are three ways to master the profession of an RPA developer: Make robots for yourself. For example, when I work in consulting, I had the task of making a news compilation every morning. I monitor news sites for two hours a day. that could be develop in a few days.

This could be done for me by a robot

Find such tasks in your everyday life and try to automate Switzerland Phone Numbers List them. One of the leaders in the global RPA market, UIPath, has its own academy. Perhaps the best of the free RPA training materials are collect there: ready-made training plans, lessons, assignments. The vendor left the Russian market, but personal users have the opportunity to implement projects on the platform for their own nes and for ucational purposes. Among the ucational projects, we can recommend Sergey Votyakov’s RPA Academy. Our team has employees who graduat from this school. In our experience, its graduates receive basic knowlge sufficient for a novice specialist in a company.

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This is explain by the task of transitioning

Vasily Efanov CEO of DataRu, tells what requirements iron BT Lists developers have for specialists, what kind of employees they ne (spoiler – not only techies), is there competition for vacancies Acareer in IT can be made not only in companies that develop software (SW). Since last year, IT equipment manufacturers have become more active in the labor market. Experts from the Higher School of Economics prict that in the coming years, the demand for engineering IT personnel and specialists in microelectronics will grow. To technological sovereignty and the ne to create a domestic IT infrastructure.

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