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Several all-Russian food-sharing projects and many local. Ones are taken to help them. At the feral level, the most notable are, and the group I’ll give away food for free. Each project has its own work model Foodsharing. Moscow operates on the basis of verbal agreements between businesses (donors) and project volunteers. Participants themselves collect expir products from the organization. And then distribute them among volunteer acquaintances. Charitable organizations and NGOs. I will give away food for free” is a VK community. Every day, ads appear in it indicating. Which products people or enterprises themselves are willing to give away for free.

The Rus Food Fund  movement

Yulia Nazarova President of the Rus Food Fund, clarifi. Free Mexico Phone Number List products from the fund are receiv by low-income families with children and the elderly. “Rus” distributes annually 6-8 thousand tons of goods in different regions of the country. For example, in 2020, the foundation began to cooperate with the Home for Mom center in the city of Magnitogorsk. It has been in existence since 2016. According to the head of the charity organization Natalya Yanakova, families who find themselves in a difficult life situation receive food assistance. In total, there are 1,712 people in the database of wards: families with many children, single mothers in a crisis situation, families with disabl children.

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The wave pass but people remain

The center receives products and household chemicals BT Lists two or three times a month and distributes them evenly among all those in ne. “During the pandemic, people felt a little better, as the state allocat additional financial assistance. Plus, organizations got involv. For example, our metallurgical plant issu food packages call “Together”. Then  someone was out of work, someone was laid off. This is  role,” Yanakova explain to RBC Trends. Volunteers help organize the process. Now there are 115 of them in the center: schoolchildren, students and adult citizens.

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