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Some enthusiasts create products based on ChatGPT, while others promote similar ideas by developing their own models. There are several unusual areas  for professionals and society: AI – “white collar”. For example, to write tweets, it is convenient to fill in cells in Excel, or to assemble a simple presentation (neural networks ChatBCG and Tome ) – the neural network will help generate slides, prepare a storyline and fill them with content from open sources. Students will use algorithms in their studies. 37% of early ChatGPT adapters were students. essays and standardized tests at a level above the average student.

The neural network helps them write

Pass legal exams and write research papers. Plus Belize Phone Number List ChatGPT can be used as an “AI tutor” that explains code or a task to students in real time, the “golden age of EdTech” may begin: new investments in the markets will fall , but those who adapt to trends and start using new technologies (including generative neural networks) will be able to take off. Of course, not everyone agrees with this opinion. For example, the New York City Department of Education has banned the use of ChatGPT on school devices. American colleges began to think about changing educational programs And in Russia.

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With the launch of ChatGPT

The Minister of Science and Higher Education BT Lists urged not to punish a RSUH student who wrote a diploma using the ChatGPT bot. Virtual communication with AI “takes on new colors.” Communication with bots and digital people is one of the areas that has been developing for several years. Replica or Soul Machines allow you to create realistic digital assistants that mimic human behavior. With the release of a new model, this segment may receive a new stage of development. For example, one developer created a virtual friend using ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion 2, and a text-to-speech converter based on the Microsoft.

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