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Which helps to ruce the intensity of pain during an attack. Numerous clinical studies and several years of practice have shown that monoclonal antibodies to CGRP are highly effective and safe for the treatment of various forms of migraine. frequent attacks and in situations before. A separate issue that deserves attention is drug-induc headache. It arises from the excessive use of drugs, in particular, painkillers. Drug-induc headache is the most common cause of secondary headache. It is noteworthy that it only occurs if painkillers were taken specifically to treat the original problem (tension headache or migraine.

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It is important for doctors and patients suffering Latvia Phone Number List from migraine to learn the correct and timely relief of attacks and to start preventive therapy on time. What is NATO, transcript The abbreviation NATO comes from the English North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which translates as “North Atlantic Treaty Organization”. NATO is a military-political alliance that was found in 1949 to protect Europe from Soviet influence. Now it includes 30 independent countries. Of these, 28 are in Europe, two more – Canada and the Unit States – in North America. Since these parts of the world are separat by the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.

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The treaty that creat NATO in 1949 was call BT Lists the “North Atlantic”. It was in this region of the planet that the founding countries of the organization plann to fight Soviet influence. The document spell out the main goals of NATO: protection of freom, common heritage and civilization of their peoples, bas onfreom and legality; enhancing stability and prosperity in the North Atlantic region creation of collective defense and preservation of peace and security; assistance to the further development of international relations of peace and friendship; striving to eliminate contradictions in its international economic policy; building up individual and collective potential to combat arm attack.

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