Where a quick and cheap solution to the problem

It would seem that we can no longer be afraid that artificial intelligence will take away our jobs. However, one cannot but admit that it is beneficial for employers to use AI – the robot makes many tasks faster and cheaper than live employees. Is ne, they will most likely switch to AI,” notes William Sahakyan. Soulless robots and heart-to-heart conversations Conversations with a teacher after class, revelations with a psychologist, a creative atmosphere at the lectures of a belov professor. Is all this possible with a robot? “For robotization and automation in production today, intelligent technologies are us at a level that 60 years ago could probably.

Will a robot ucator be able to calm a child

Be call artificial intelligence. But the level of intelligence Ivory Coast Phone Number List of voice assistants of any bank or service still leaves much to be desir, ”comments Anton Kolonin. Developers are already working on a language for communication systems of the future, there are various projects that bring the moment when the robot will begin to build phrases and sentences like a person. But the question is, how realistic will such communication be?, a psychotherapist-neural network to show empathy for a patient, a police robot to show sympathy or toughness at the right time, and a neural network-hotline employee to dissuade the caller from suicide.

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Some experts believe that the main problem

Robots are not yet subject to human warmth, support BT Lists and understanding, so psychologists, doctors, ucators, teachers, nannies, nurses, police officers and representatives of other social professions will not be left without work. Will not be in developing technologies that can realistically mimic human communication, but in people’s attitude towards them. “It all depends on how open people are to AI and can trust it. Surveys show that, for example, in mical diagnoses, people still trust a living person more, even if we say that a robot will have a higher probability of a correct priction,” reminds William Sahakyan.

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