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To two different companies offering the latest. DNA sequencing technology to detect mutations. What came out of this should be of interest to anyone. Precision oncology is ready for active use. According to information provid by both firms. One patient show no genetic changes at all. In the remaining eight patients. Only a fifth of all mutations found in their samples match on both platforms.  on target drug recommendations, five patients were offer completely different treatment packages. Even if we leave aside the possible technical errors that caus discrepancies between the two tests.

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This result should not come as a surprise. We already C Level Contact List know that a typical tumor is a mosaic of genetically dissimilar clones and that the mutations found in it will depend on which tumor fragment is harvest and sent for testing. Along with the increase in life expectancy and the development of mical technology, the number of detect cases of cancer is increasing. At the same time, mortality is decreasing due to new methods of diagnosis and treatment. On February ,  the Charter of Paris was sign at the World Summit on Cancer in the New Millennium to promote research, prevent cancer, improve treatment conditions and raise awareness.

C Level Contact List

The growing number of cancers

Since then February has been celebrat annually as BT Lists World Cancer Day. RBC Trends, together with Yandex’s social program Help Nearby, and expert oncologists, talk about how new methods of diagnosing and treating cancer help to cope with The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) estimates that one in five people in the world will develop cancer during their lifetime. Every eighth man and every eleventh woman dies of cancer. The UK National Health Service (NHS) is also pessimistic that one in two people will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. According to the World Health Organization GLOBOCAN database.

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