When the information is convey by a person

Even in cases where the service is not cover by the insurance policy, we will not refuse to help them now. We take the client on constant support, we are ready to help him “meet” with really good partners in micine, automotive services and property, and at the same time we control the quality of the services provid. As a result, the platforms “My Service , “My Service Auto” and “My_Service Dom” appear in the insurance company. Their everyday problems on digital platforms? Given that they do not have a conscious request for such tools.

Are consumers generally ready to solve

Potentially yes although if you engage in open marketing Ghana Phone Number List and, for example, launch contextual advertising, then the conversion from impressions to clicks, and from clicks to real purchases will be low. But you can go the other way -communication, connection to the finish product. Our agent network provides all the possibilities for this. Insurance agent “Rosgosstrakh” inspires confidence. And with whom you have been insuring a car, health or home for many years and with whom there is a trusting contact, because the specialist really understands the topic, you are also open to trying new services.

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To accompany informing with target

Again usually people do not even think about what they ne. I’ll give you an example. Now we have a surge in sales of a new service product without an BT Lists insurance component in the Khabarovsk Territory. This is psychological support for parents and children. Mom and child are help to solve problems associat with adolescence, school, bullying. We put together support and consultations of a psychologist and narrow specialists. Until such a product exist, people simply did not dare to talk about this problem. For them, it was a routine story: the school is bad, so it nes to be chang urgently, or “what to do with this idiot, he does not get out of the gadgets.

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