When psychology and psychiatry began to actively

Rather the author of the book found that such visits are a kind of self-exploration and can have a certain therapeutic effect for a person in a state of uncertainty, grief, impasse or difficult choice. If all that we used to rely on – practicality, common sense and logic – is the prose of life, then the metaphors of a psychic can become a moment of poetry, allowing us to go beyond the “correct” and let the miracle into our lives.  of melancholy and sadness that lasts for a long time and often has no obvious causes.

What is melancholy Melancholia is a state

This is an ancient concept the ancient Greek physician Jamaica Phone Number List Hippocrates (5th century BC) was the first to describe it in detail – and until the beginning of the 20th century, doctors and philosophers actively used it. Despite the fact that this word has always described a depressed state of mind, the causes of melancholy, its manifestations and have changed significantly over 25 centuries. develop in the 20th century, the term “melancholia” began to disappear from everyday life. Instead, doctors began to make more specific diagnoses. In particular, since the 1920s.

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Attitudes towards it in society

The diagnosis of depression has increasingly appeared in the registers of patient admissions. But melancholy is not the same as depression. As medical historian and anthropologist Karin Johannison notes in A History of Melancholia, “Depression lacks BT Lists the many facets of melancholia and its existential character. Periods of melancholy occur in a perfectly healthy person, depression suggests illness, fear and loss” [ 2 ]. Modern Russian-speaking psychiatry basically does not use the term “melancholia” – it is considered obsolete. Thus, the Russian Scientific Center for Mental Health does not recommend that doctors use this term to refer to a disease because of “insufficient accuracy and inconsistency of designations.

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