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It is important to allow time for adaptation to changes, to act gradually, not to demand an immiate reaction, to be patient.” How to understand that you have a rigid mindset and get rid of it Normally, rigidity is not a disease, but a personality trait. In clinical psychology and psychiatry, it can be a symptom of a disorder. To treat such cases, patients are test and referr to a specialist. Vera Tolmacheva, clinical psychologist, postgraduate student at Sechenov University, employee of the Psychiatric Clinical Hospital No. 1 nam after Alekseev.  for him to consider alternative ways of solving the problem.

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I often encounter rigidity of thinking in patients who Northeast Mobile Phone Number List experienc aggression from their parents in childhood. In my work, I use cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques so that patients learn to see alternative points of view on a problem. And in cognitive behavioral therapy, Socratic dialogue is us to critically explore the meanings and implications of rigid thoughts on all sides.” Socratic dialogue is a method in psychotherapy in which the psychologist asks the client questions: to which the client can answer bas on his knowlge; that draw the attention of the client to information that was previously not in the focus of his attention.

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Which lead from the particular to the general, so that in the BT Lists end the client can either re-evaluate his past conclusion or construct a new idea. Rigidity negatively affects intelligence, increases with obsessive-compulsive and schizoid disorders and makes the personality more authoritarian, especially in stressful situations. At psychological rigidity can negatively affect development: it limits the freom of thought and action. Vera Tolmacheva: “The presence of domestic rigidity can be check for several points, for example, if you: always strictly follow the establish rules; unwilling or unable to admit their own mistakes; overly stubborn; pantic; be wary of everything new, do not change your habits.

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