What was thought up as a temporary solution

How satisfi are they in general with such cooperation? – If they were not satisfi, they would not work in this format, and we would not see growth here. Today, for many, an employment contract is no longer the only right way to formalize relationships, because both the mentality and the economy as a whole are changing. Freelancers are no longer perceiv as idlers: society is getting us to the fact that this is a normal form of employment. Platforms also protect users. For example, in “Avito Services” we carry out verification of customers by passport, in “Work” we check the integrity of the employer. In “Subwork” – we insure the risks of clients and guarantee payment to performers.

The state is thinking about the fact

Earlier the state launch a self-employment regime to Taiwan Phone Number List bring people out of the shadows and help them get a permanent income. Now that the self-employ ne social guarantees, sick pay, and so on. So far, not everywhere there is full-flg insurance and sick leave for freelancers, but gradually we will come to this. Companies show that the demand for mass staff is quite large. Although many businesses were clos due to the pandemic, people still quickly found work. All this gives confidence that in which case a person will not be left without money, will find a new place and provide himself with income.

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The format has come for a long time

Freelance remains staff work too Is interest in freelance formats a temporary phenomenon during the pandemic or a long-term trend? – Everything new is BT Lists born through to some problems. My opinion is that and will continue to develop. Because people have realiz that they can earn 20-30% more, and they are unlikely to refuse it. And companies have found an opportunity to close their peak nes for people, insure for vacations and hospital staff, and optimize workload. They, too, will not refuse such a convenient format.

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