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Solving this problem (converting the page section to pure HTML or using dynamic rendering) result in a significant improvement in ranking (this content was finally index correctly). As mention new solutions allow to solve these types of problems, but which of the solutions we will use is a matter of individual assessment and analysis of a given case. Therefore, there is no ne to rework the entire website and resign from JS, just choose the right solution from the SEO perspective.

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Dynamic rendering is slowly being phas out by Google. And what now? Answer As I mention at the end of the webinar, we intend to use this solution as long as it is effective for the client from the present case study. If we detect a problem with dynamic rendering, we will look for other solutions  Rendering? Answer Now I don’t phone number list want to suggest other solutions that I haven’t test in practice, because there are several alternatives sdevelopers googlesearchdocscrawling-indexingjavascriptdynamic-rendering (r box at the very top of the article) . Do you have a proven way to hide a given section from Google.

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So how to load content in JS so that Google does not see them ? Answer The solution may be the blocking of access to the JS file in the robots txt file mention during the webinar. This is not a effective solution, but in most cases, its effectiveness is over . Did you do anything else in this case study? A lot has chang over the year. Answer Yes, wecarri out activities relat to link building, technical optimization and content creation. However, only the implementation of dynamic rendering allow us to unlock the organic potential of this website. Hey, how to check if a given page is correctly render BT Lists by Google? Answer You will find the answer to this question in our webinar.

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