What is the difference between xenophobia

Belong to the field of study of psychiatry, it is still not completely clear whether xenophobia can be consider a mental disorder. It is not recogniz as a disease, is not includ in the WHO ICD and is consider a social problem. However, some experts believe that pathological xenophobic prejudice can be seen as signs of a delusional disorder. And other prejudices Xenophobia can be confus with racism or homophobia. And although is the same people – for example, blacks – there is still a difference. For example, racism is bas on the idea that different races are fundamentally different from each other and that there are those that are “better” than the rest.

The object of hatr in all cases

The reason for xenophobia lies in the very Norway Phone Number List division into “us” and “them”, and not only people, but also alien cultural objects or symbols can become the object of hostility. If a racist watches films made only by “white” directors, and a sexist only watches films made by male directors, then the xenophobe will refuse everything that he refers to as a “hostile” culture. with xenophobia, and these prejudices often go hand in hand . Causes of xenophobia Ethnic prejudice is form , according to some theories, from the desire to identify with a particular social group. Other communities begin to be view as hostile.

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In general racism is closely intertwin

Attacks against them become an act of self-affirmation. In this case, a person seeks to join a “successful” group, appropriates its collective achievements and begins to BT Lists bully strangers. This process is similar to the mechanism of school bullying . The development of xenophobia in children is closely relat to the influence of the environment, primarily the family. People who have chosen xenophobia as a model of socialization may also experience psychopathy and narcissism. How xenophobia manifests itself There is no universal list of markers of xenophobic behavior.

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