What is sugar and why are such dates

A well-establish infrastructure for the distribution of goods – from he store to the beneficiary. This is where the ecosystem of food banks comes to the rescue. Which allows you to transfer products target day to day. Now we are developing our own network of food banks. According to our estimates, the timely ristribution of at least 1.2 million tons of products, which are eventually thrown away, could provide for all those in ne in Russia, as well as prevent 5.5 million tons of CO 2 emissions . A podcast with high-quality voice acting for materials that are releas on RBC Trends. You can listen to the podcast on any convenient platform. Apple Podcasts , CastBox , Yandex Music and Google Podcasts.

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Looking ahead A podcast in which we look at the present and try to understand what the near future will look like. And We discuss films, series, books and video Mexico Phone Number List games, while doing fact-checking. For each issue, we invite experts who help to look at the chosen topic from the point of view of pop culture and science at the same time. Together we figure out where this is all fiction, and where is the priction of future changes. And we are also trying to distinguish random coincidences from regular processes.

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The Endel application so popular

Listen on any convenient platform. Apple Podcasts , CastBox , Yandex. Music and Google Podcasts . Time to stop A mitation podcast to help you slow down. Just turn on the mitation and listen to your body. The texts for the mitations were written by psychologists BT Lists of the I Understand corporate well-being platform: Ksenia Sergazina and Andrey Gunyavin. Mitations are voic by the actors of the he jingle for the podcast was written by the artificial intelligence  Sugar or “sugar dates” are relationships built on mutually beneficial conditions: for example, an elderly and wealthy person receives attention.

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