What Is Search Engine Marketing The Simple Guide

Value to your business – Typically, advertisers prioritize keywords that can result in direct sales, aka the bottom of the funnel. But depending on your strategy, you can invest in other marketing funnel stages. Search intent – Is the searcher interested in learning, buying, or finding a specific page? Volume – More volume means more popularity but also more competition and likely a higher cost. Alternatively, you can go for long-tail keywords with less volume but higher relevance to your business.

Benefits of advertising in What Is SearchGoogle Search

You can discover more keywords with other tools – One of the reasons is that GKP groups industry email list keywords with similar meanings. Fortunately, Google Ads allows importing keywords from other tools. So to solve the above problems, you can use a keyword research tool with paid keyword data like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer. To illustrate the difference, “homemade dog food” and “raw dog food” appear in the same range in GKP, but Keywords Explorer shows there’s a significant difference.

How Google Search Ads work What Is Search

Number of available keyword ideas in Ahrefs’ Keywords BT Lists Explorer. And finally, you can just plug your competitor’s URL into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to study their paid search strategy. That includes keywords they bid on, ads they use, and landing pages they send traffic to. For example, we can see this dog food brand bids for 12 keywords, as well as 98 ads active in our selected time period.

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