What is congruence Congruence is the correspondence

Reluctant to take risks; often obsess with thoughts. Do not accept even slight deviations from the plan. Psychological rigidity within the normal range can be correct. Here are some ways: Try to look at difficult situations with fresh eyes and evaluate them from a different perspective. Come up with multiple strategies to solve the same problem. Learn to focus on the thought that everything is happening here and now. Reflection in  from stereotypical thinking and realize that life experience and theoretical attitudes do not always help. Study opposing opinions – read books and watch movies with ideas you disagree with listen.

The current time period helps to get away

The arguments of the person you are arguing with. Change Shandong Mobile Phone Number List your habits – celebrate holidays in big companies instead of a narrow family circle, go on new routes, try new hobbies. Try to give up constant control and obsession – put off non-urgent things, get distract from work to talk with colleagues, learn to lose and compromise.  consistency of the internal content of a person (his attitudes, attitudes, emotions and feelings, states, experiences) and his external manifestations – behavior, verbal expression of his feelings and emotions. This is the state in which a person is most authentic and authentic as himself – as oppos to.

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Which allows a person to manifest himself

Showing psychological defenses, presenting some kind BT Lists of facade, hiding behind a mask, playing some role,” says Yana Paderina, clinical psychologist, NGO specialist “ Association “World of communication”. “Big Psychological Dictionary” it by B.G. Meshcheryakova and V.P. Zinchenko points out that congruence implies an internal process of awareness, acceptance by a person of his own actual processes and states -in this way, ”adds Paderina. The psychologist also notes that “methods of manifestation should not hurt other people” – that is, it is not about directly following your impulses. “An important component of congruence is the adequacy of the manifestations.

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