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The reasons for frustration are individual for each person. Among the most common frustrators, psychologist Dan Brennan lists. Stress at work setting an unattainable goal; difficulties in finding a solution to the problem. Social frustrators Nowadays, a significant source of frustration is our social environment, social frustration . Vladimir Shlyapnikov explains: it is important for a person to be no worse than other people. But since the concepts of “worse – better” are relative, this comparison often causes a feeling of frustration. “Sometimes we experience a feeling of dissatisfaction even when objectively the ne is satisfi.

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For example choose a popular expensive dish in Hungary Phone Number List a restaurant, but when it is brought, it seems to me that something tastier and more interesting was order at the next table. Such is the nature of man, ”the psychologist gives an example. Consequences of frustration the last century have conduct a number of experiments to find out how a person can respond to frustrating conditions. One of them, says Miroslav Yasin, is Dembo’s experiment, in which people were given obviously impossible tasks For example.

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The course of such experiments

The researchers plac a chair 2–3 m from a person, then BT Lists drew a white line in front of it, which should not be cross, and ask the person to remove objects from the chair with their hands. It was physically impossible to do so. In it turn out that a person copes with frustration in different ways. “Several types of reactions to frustrating conditions have been identifi. Someone, fac with an obstacle, immiately gets upset and cannot overcome it; someone is looking for a way out and finds it; and someone can devalue their defeat: they didn’t manage to solve the problem – well, okay, I’ll do something else, ”says Yasin. What do reactions depend on.

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