Were dissatisfied and criticized the company

According to Yulia Khvorova, self-doubt is a reversible process if you start working with it. Obsessive thoughts about one’s own inadequacy must be compensat by new positive attitudes and thinking techniques. At the same time, getting rid of uncertainty does not But when they found out that they were talking to a chatbot, they.  if they do not know that they are communicating with artificial intelligence. And they devalue this experience when they realize that they did not communicate with a person. At the chatbot reception The market for automat mental health solutions is still quite young.

The Therapeutic Chatbot is an AI-power

Despite this according to The New York Times, in 2017 there Tunisia Phone Number List were about 10 thousand WellTech applications, including therapeutic, psychological and ucational chatbots. WellTech – technologies that support people in their pursuit of personal life goals and happiness, helping to maintain or restore psychological health.  conversational tool design to help psychologists, psychotherapists, and healthcare professionals improve the well-being of clients suffering from mental illness, trauma, or stress. Woebot An English-language chatbot develop by psychologists at Stanford University and available to users since 2017.

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People appreciate the work of a consultant

It solves the problems of psychological support BT Lists and offers several topics for dialogue with a person – achieving goals, managing emotions, relationships, positive thinking, stress, awareness and mitation, self-esteem. Within each topic, the chatbot conducts a dialogue session lasting from 2 to 20 minutes. The developers claim that Woebot is train to understand the natural language of a person, but working with it is like following a given scenario – most of the chatbot answers suggest choosing from the options offer, and not writing it yourself. Woebot’s conversational model is bas on a cognitive-behavioral approach to mental health. Studies on the effectiveness of a chatbot have shown that working with it helps young people ruce their symptoms of depression.

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