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Website maintenance The vastness of the content offering and their organization by buyer persona and phases. Of the buyer’s journey. Lead generation is often the priority in BB companies, but it cannot be an activity in itsel. The risk is seeing efforts vanish and not being able to put them to good use.Offering the same contacts a customer experience that lacks the most important. If. They are in your company’s database, it’s because they are potentially interest in your solutions. Why not engage them further. Find out how to do it, with our advice.We provide you with a free and personaliz online consultation.

Limited design budget

Click here to book it now. SEO strategy meaning cluster, pillar, topic & much more. Publish wedding photo editing service by Valeria Caglioni You can find me on: Updat the:January.Reading time: minutes SEO meaning .The term SEO has now been widespread for several years and for a long time it includ. Within it techniques and activities that could also be carri out automatically. By tools specifically creat to favor the positioning of pages. But the way search engines index and assign their scores has chang and is moving. More and more in the direction of content usefulness: the goal becomes centering users.

Lacking SEO or content expertise

Intentions and giving them what they ne. To optimize the company website, therefore, it is necessary to master. The new elements of SEO: continue reading to learn the meaning of clusters, pillars and topics. Meaning of strategy and main terms SEO means optimization for search engines and recent algorithms go in. The direction of interpreting users’ intentions, to show. Them only BT Lists the most relevant content on the results page. How to position the pages of your company website.The first advice is to create a blog section and update it frequently and regularly.

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