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The number of open vacancies we have is 10% of the total number of employees. Demand for our area is high, but the company’s growth is held back by a chronic shortage of specialists. I would even call it a shortage not of personnel, but of expertise. And the race for them has intensifi. I think it will take some time before the situation changes. To some extent, automation and robotization, which will take on routine work, will be able to spe up this process and ruce staff shortages. Angara Security looks at these technologies very closely and is already using them. – Many companies “cultivate” personnel within themselves.

Every company wants to attract experts

Others hunt How do you solve this problem?  in Moscow Belgium Phone Number List and Ryazan, where we give author’s courses on information security. Talent students also pass through our accelerator. Following the results of the last internship, 10 out of 14 people remain to work in the company. We also lack sales professionals. In 2022, Angara launch an experimental accelerator for employees of this department. What are the minimum requirements for candidates? — For different categories of employees, the requirements are different.

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The best adaptation of employees

The depth of immersion in the nuances of operating BT Lists systems is important for penetration testers (IT infrastructure vulnerability testers who simulate hacker attacks. – RBC Trends ) and those who provide application protection. More attractive to the employer are specialists with develop soft skills: if a person is responsible, enthusiastic, ready for development, then this is a priority candidate in which the company will invest. For we have a mentoring institution that ensures the transfer of Prospects for the information security market – What classes of information security tools, in addition to firewalls, will show growth? – These will be tools aim at protecting infrastructure, data centers and user data To a lesser extent.

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