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Emphasizes Maria Bultseva People express love in different ways. Someone is pleas to present a dream gift to a partner, and someone prefers to say tender words. How love languages ??work and how scientific it is -Romantic relationships are important to most of us, humans are social creatures and have built family bonds since prehistoric times. However, this does not mean that building strong close relationships is easy and a person does not face difficulties and crises in communicating with lov ones. There are countless studies in psychology and sociology in the field of romantic relationships. Scientists compare relationships in the past and modern nuclear families.

Social inequality rarely gets in the way

Tracing changes in the construction of relationships Pakistan Phone Number List associat with the development of society. For example, it is difficult to imagine how revolutionary the idea of ??Jean-Jacques Rousseau express in the novel “Julia, or the new Eloise” sound for the French society of the 17th century. In it, Rousseau describ the love story of an aristocrat and a teacher, thus normalizing romantic relations between representatives of different social strata. In the modern world, of lovers, but people continue to face difficulties in relationships. in a couple are infidelity, mismatch of sexual temperaments, lack of communication and conflicts on domestic grounds.

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Some of the most common problems

That is why many books are devot to the topic BT Lists of love and relationships , and concepts and models are being develop to systematize and explain various aspects of this great feeling – and the so-call love languages.have become one of the most popular today. Love languages ??is the concept that the expression of feelings can be compar to the language a person speaks. The American writer Gary Chapman first spoke about love languages ??in his book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Love to Your Companion, publish in 1992. Chapman’s book has sold 11 million copies in English alone, has been translat into 49 languages.

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