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Maybe she will have an overall rating of 4.6, but it is the cardiologists who are the best here. In cars and property easier. There, ratings are form bas on customer feback, adding specialists to “favorites” when a customer wants this electrician or plumber to come to him next time. A suitable specialist is determin bythat the client changes the service or reorients to another specialist. What happens when a customer is very dissatisfi with a service? Or, for example, the client complains about the performer, but at the same time he is not right? – Our services are still very young, and we have not had such cases yet, on the contrary, we have begun to receive the first thanks.

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While we are idealists in this regard.  all modern equipment Dubai Phone Number List is list on the organization’s website. And when we are given additional data, So far, we have not had a single partner who would be very offend. Own clients and foreign verticals – Now you are promoting services among customers. Do you plan to reach a wider audience? – The client base of Rosgosstrakh is from 8 million to 13 million insur with contact details. We want to work with these people first, especially since we have an understanding of their nes. And communicating with your client is much more profitable than running around the open market.

Phone Number List

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In what other areas, besides micine, cars and property BT Lists can service platforms be relevant? — The market of services for the organization of services will definitely develop. The product is not going anywhere, and every purchas product – from  overgrown with services. It nes to be clean, updat, repair, tun. But for now, we want to focus on the three verticals already launch. We had thoughts about veterinary services, but we are still thinking. It is better to do a few things well than to try to embrace the immensity. 

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