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Allowing employees to look at their consumption patterns in a new way; assisting in the organization of local swaps, since the theory is better to consolidate in practice. Such approaches will help maintain residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. In  several dozen customers have us the subscription service. Now we are monitoring how all business processes work with real customers. We measure NPS (Net Promoter Score – customer loyalty index- RBC Trends ), but so far the sample is very small, and therefore it is too early to draw conclusions. However, the first few dozen buyers who us the service have very high NPS,” says Yershov.

The first two weeks since the launch

Plans and prospects Askona plans to expand the Paraguay Phone Number List subscription to all products that are sold through the site or in offline stores. The ability to purchase products in the usual way or on crit will remain. The company pricts that the subscription model of consumption will gain popularity. According to Roman Ershov, in the foreseeable future, about 80% of sleep products, including furniture, can be issu by subscription. Outsourcing is the transfer of non-core functions of the company to third parties. For example, it is not always profitable and convenient for firms to keep cleaners or their own security service on staff.

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Then they turn to private security companies or cleaning companies – they save on the selection, training and registration of personnel, but close the necessary BT Lists task. The word comes from the English outer source using, which can be translat as “using external sources.” In its modern form, outsourcing appear in the 1930s in the Ford and General Motors. The head of General Motors, Alfr Sloan, took the helm of the company when it was on the verge of collapse. He develop an outsourcing system – narrow-profile production and the management system were transferr into the hands of specializ firms.

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