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The world (and this is hydrogen sulfide), and it is better not to stand next to a person who has eaten onions and garlic for the next few hours (and this is also due to hydrogen sulfide, which is form after the transformations of the molecules of these products in the stomach and oral cavity),” suggests Kiselev. However of smell, molecules that can interact in the nasal cavity. And the question of why specific products begin to “deceive” our sense of smell with parosmia is more likely from the field of organic chemistry. Such subtle transitions are explain by changes in receptors in the nasal cavity and neurons in the brain.

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It is possible that the distort perception of smells is Morocco Phone Number List associat with incorrect regeneration of olfactory receptors. It is impossible to prict how the coronavirus and the associat parosmia will affect whom. The only thing that can be assum is that older people will take longer to recover, because brain plasticity decreases with age. Moreover, it is known that olfactory disorders, including parosmia, are more common in people who are ag and without coronavirus. How to deal with parosmia Anosmia and parosmia at first glance seem pretty harmless compar to other complications from the coronavirus.

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Fact they bring a lot of suffering to those who have BT Lists encounter them. In social networks, you can find posts of people who have not been able to restore their sense of smell for a long time, which is why they cannot eat normally, is disgusting. In the most serious cases, such problems lead to severe weight loss and comorbidities. Not surprisingly, communities of people with parosmia have already appear on the Web, where participants share proven and new methods of getting rid of it. Unfortunately, there is no cure for parosmia in the form of a pill or injection. But there is good news: olfactory neurons.

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