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The products he nes at the moment. Naturally, the money (points) on the card should be spent on essential products. You can’t buy tobacco and alcohol products, but you can use the funds from the card to buy hygiene products, ”add Olga Kaverina. Clear to the public for many years. But a cardinal change occurr precisely with the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020. Unpaid holidays and lockdown left the country’s inhabitants without a livelihood. To buy basic necessities. This is where food banks play a key role. At the same time, government authorities also paid attention to them.

Many did not have enough money

Since 2017, the Rus Foundation has been actively working List of Mobile Phone Numbers to change taxation, including within the framework of an expert council initiat by PwC , which includ representatives of PepsiCo, X5 Retail Group, P&G, Unilever, Mondelez, Dixy, Bonduelle -Kuban”, group “Prodo” and other organizations. Experts have been trying to exempt donations from taxes for years. In 2020, the proposals of market leaders were partially he – income tax was remov, but this is not enough. “Foodsharing requires “twisting” the mechanism in terms of VAT taxation. This is now being actively discuss by all structures of state power. We hope that these changes will be made soon.

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Who cannot afford them

Then we will enter a new era that will encourage or enable BT Lists responsible companies to ristribute within themselves and rationally use the resources that they have. That is, they will revise supply chains so that unsold goods are sent to people. Well, if this is some kind of delay, then the old mechanism will be us – recycling, ”explains Yulia Nazarova. In an interview with RBC Trends, Director of the Rosgosstrakh Business Development Department Svetlana Beri told how to find a suitable doctor or a polite car mechanic and why you should not rely on “people’s.

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