When I still liv in my old utterly clutter

Fecycling centers without making the situation worse. Consumer abundance has l to the emergence of opposite trends – conscious consumption and minimalism. His followers learn to make do with a minimum of things that take no more than half an hour to collect. Japanese culture has a long tradition of minimalism that has seen renew interest in the post-consumer era. It’s not just about “decluttering”, The best way is to hone your skills in practice, in the process of parting with things. I heartily advise you to put the book aside and immiately throw something away.

What I had before apartment

If you are going to wait until there is time, then you Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List will never have it. So take the first step towards a minimalist life right now. There is not a single thing you will regret if you throw it away. Today, my property is only 5% of that is, it turns out that I lost 950 out of 1000 items. And you know what I’ll tell you? Honestly, there is not a single thing that I would regret. If at one time I felt sorry for something, now I can’t even remember what it was. That’s how insignificant all this rubbish turn out to be for me.

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The beach when you were a child

It seems that fear of regret prevents us from saying BT Lists goodbye to things. It is inherent in each of us, and purely humanly it can be understood. But don’t get hung up on the fact that one day you may suddenly ne an old jacket that has been gathering dust in your closet for ten years, or shells that you collect on. Just tell yourself that probably not a single item you throw away Start with obvious junk The best way to get us to throwing things away is to make it a habit. To achieve the desir effect.

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