Update their information security strategies

Massive attacks on IT infrastructure aim at disrupting its performance. — RBC Trends). But, as a rule, they act with the help of long-familiar tools. Therefore, systematic work and a competent approach to security, which Russian enterprises adher to, including with the help of information security service providers, did not . We can say that the Russian economy cop with this first wave of attacks with dignity. — In addition to DDoS attacks, there were also leaks and hacks. Was the industry as well prepar for them? Everything depend on the specific organization, its experience in countering cyber threats and the level of digital maturity.

Allow hackers to cause significant harm

Those companies that had previously regularly Oman Phone Number List encounter high hacker activity – financial institutions, telecoms and others – had stronger immunity. Those who met with it for the first time were less prepar. But at least since the pandemic, large businesses have begun to practice a risk-bas approach to cybersecurity, and build comprehensive modern tools. I can say that the majority of Russian companies turn out to be well prepar to counteract cyberattacks. – In this case, has anything chang dramatically in building threat models and calculating risks in 2022? – As I said, in the vast majority of cases, the methods and tools of attackers did not become an unpleasant discovery.

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IT infrastructure protection using

All of them were known, although the scale and intensity BT Lists of the attacks had inde increas manifold. And this trend has continu for more than a year. To paraphrase a well-known rule – 20% of the cost of information security gives us a guarantee of protection against 80% of cyber threats. These 20% of the costs mainly include digital hygiene and employee discipline, which companies must definitely ucate. The rest of the threats are clos with the help of well-implement modern information security facilities (information security tools. – RBC Trends ) and the competencies of professional units. This rule was valid until 2022.

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