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Surprise to anyone that generative AI and the foundational models that support it are currently to be found at the very summit of what Gartner calls “the peak of inflated expectations” in the latest iteration of the “Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence.” That means they’re teetering on the precipice that could plummet them into the “trough of disillusionment.” We spoke with Afraz Jaffri, director analyst at Gartner with a focus on analytics, data science and AI about how we should interpret the situation. The interview has

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For length and clarity. Hype Cycle For AI Image courtesy of Gartner. Q: You’re projecting that it will take two to five years for the foundation b2b email list models, five to 10 years for generative AI to reach the “plateau of productivity.” What is that based on? A: This is around where we can see real adoption, not just among a select number of enterprises, which will probably be done a lot quicker, but amongst all the levels of

Organizations predominantly

The form of packaged applications. Every piece of software will have some kind of generative AI functionality in it, but the actual productivity gains from those BT Lists features will take longer to be understood. It’s a race for everyone to ship a generative AI product or feature within their software; in all of those cases, the benefits will take longer to come to fruition and be measured as well. Foundation models cover a wide

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